How To Be The Best Affiliate Marketer

How To Be The Best Affiliate Marketer

By Harry James Ramsay  

In this article I'm going to teach you how you can become the best affiliate marketer by following a few simple tricks and tips. Many affiliates take up affiliate marketing as something that is only selling for profit. You should not take it like that but you must have your aims to profit. Affiliate Marketing is a passion for many people. And those who have affiliate marketing as a passion achieve the maximum success. You should love and like what you are doing, only then will you succeed. You should have a passion for affiliate marketing if you want to become the best affiliate marketer out there.

Here are a few tips and tricks for you:

1. Presell: Set up review pages for the products you promote and presell your products there itself. This can greatly help in increasing conversion rates. Have a presell at your website and then link it by submitting articles to article directories. The presell warms up the visitor of the product and then helps the customer to chose the best product he find s suitable.
2. Explain the benefits in your presell. Explain what the customer will gain if he purchases the product and never give up or go on a low note.

3. Choose the right product to promote. Many affiliates promote the wrong product and lose their money even though they are in the right market. One way to do that is to determine the EPC of a particular merchant. If you are a commission junction affiliate, then I'd recommend you to promote advertisers who have an EPC of above $25. It worked for me as I chose a merchant who had an EPC of $30 and my EPC was $60. Double conversions and more money.

4. Put your Efforts in the Right Place: Some affiliates put their efforts in wrong places and do not make any money. For example, if you are an affiliate who promotes links through article marketing then you should submit your articles to the right directory. You shouldn't submit your article to an article directory that has a very low PR and a low Alexa Rank. So you must know where to put your efforts.

5. Set up Squeeze Pages: Email Marketing is quite effective for affiliates. It allows affiliates to sell as many products as possible to a customer. So setting up squeeze pages and collecting their email addresses and then sending them tips and recommendations is a nice way to get more sales. For example, you are into the fitness niche and have a newsletter with fitness tips. You can promote products like Weight Loss Diets, Muscle Building Books, Fat Loss Books, Fitness Equipment and Home Gyms and Health Club Memberships. Promotion through email marketing increases your chances of being the best affiliate marketer by 67% as you can promote as many products as possible to the same customer.

Setting up squeeze pages and building a list is difficult. If you don't know what you are doing then it'd be a flop. For this I'd recommend you to sign up for some courses and then learn more about them. The newsletter I'd recommend is Affiliate X factor which is free and tells you the exact ways to build a list, set up a squeeze page and write emails that increase sales.
Harry James Ramsay is a student expert at internet marketing who has been involved in online marketing for almost a year. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Harry_James_Ramsay


Zaxaa Review, Start Promoting Products and Be Paid Instantly


When I visited Zaxaa I found a  reviews by a user that make me more interesting about zaxaa. The review’s was  by Demian Caceres, San Diego, California, USA.   17 Reasons Why He Chose Zaxaa Over The Others; 

As he write the reason was, the features that we needed in our business that the rest don′t have. They have already proven to work perfectly with multiple 6 figure launches and many marketers endorsing them. Plus, I know the CEO of Zaxaa personally and I′ve tested their platform to work just as well as all the others.
However, the only important points to mention should be:     Do normal commissions and instant commissions work? Yes;     Does the checkout process work flawlessly? Yes;     Do tracking, reports and Sub-IDs work flawlessly? Yes; We tested it all and it all works perfectly! You′re in trusted/tested hands with Zaxaa. And getting your affiliate link is one really easy and straightforward step.
Here are some of the features only Zaxaa had that we need:
 We wanted an InfusionSoft-like platform with all the features they have and as reliable... but easy to use, user friendly, with a clean looking dashboard and less pricey. Zaxaa is the answer to all this.
They DON′T keep your customer list -- the most important asset in your business!
Instant LIFETIME COMMISSIONS on all our products (you can choose not to enable this). Yeah, we in our business want to give you lifetime commissions as part of our giving value - business model. But there′s more...
The freedom to choose "Lifetime", "Individual Product" or "Group Of Products" cookies.
ONE CLICK UPSELLS. Massive Reason!; Integration with Stripe and multiple other payment processors to give us freedom to change if any situation requires it; Zero fee per transaction on top of PayPal fees (Premium Automation); Smart nested if-then funnels that can be set up in minutes. Really cool stuff; Hosted Front Store. All our customers will be able to see ALL of our products thus increasing sales for us and commissions for affiliates on additional purchases; Super easy to set it all up, non confusing and very clean looking - intuitive dashboard ; Powerful reports that are a MUST HAVE: Lifetime Customer Value (LCV), LCV based on a specific traffic source or affiliate, Retention Metrics, etc.

The ability to take their system and put it on OUR domain to brand our own business. Customize our own checkout pages and embed their payment forms for COMPLETE CONTROL. This is something we wanted badly and only Zaxaa has been able to fulfil the non complicated way.
Pre-Sale bumps... really powerful technology which gives us "Surprise Money", so definitely something we needed in our business to make us and affiliates more sales.
 Great customer support. And much much more which you can see by yourself on their site under the "Features" and "Compare" tabs.
*** He highly recommend Zaxaa. He use them because they work flawlessly, they are exactly what I required for my business needs and they continuously improve their product while keeping the same clean, user friendly and easy to use user interface I fell in love with in the first place. Demian Caceres; San Diego, California, USA.

Here More About Zaxaa

My frend said that Zaxaa for her was   the EASIEST and FASTEST solution to sell online, deliver digital products to your customers, and recruit affiliates. To prove it, you can register for the Instant Automation version (no upfront payment required). This free account does not include all Zaxaa features, but you'll see how easy it is to use and how quickly you can set up products and sales funnels inside our platform. Instant Automation has a 3% per transaction fee, which is immediately removed when you upgrade to a Premium Automation account.
When I try  to look more about Zaxaa, here some of the reasons why Zaxaa marketplace should be our choice to sell our products. Here more the reason :

Zaxaa- Free membership plugin! If you want to create a paid membership site, then don’t look any further. Zaxaa membership plugin is a complete solution and it’s free. Everything you need to sell your product and collect monthly subscription fee is available in this free plugin.
Zaxaa- List your product for free!. Zaxaa is absolutely the best place to start if you have a staggering budget. You can start selling absolutely for free with a 2.5% fee on every transaction.  Here are the stuffs you get get with free Zaxaa account;     Unlimited products;     Unlimited OTOs (one time offers);     Unlimited sales funnels;     Unlimited affiliate programs;     Unlimited customers;     Unlimited affiliates;     Take recurring or one-time payments;     Take payments using PayPal Adaptive;    and there are much more options available with the paid Premium Automation plans.
Zaxaa-  Affiliate recruitment and Instant Commissions! One of the ways to sell big online is to recruit affiliates. They will help generate sales to earn commissions. The more affiliates, the more money you make.  With the instant commission feature on Zaxaa, you are sure to quickly recruit affiliates to promote your products. Once this feature is approved per affiliate, they get their commissions paid to Paypal instantly a sale is made through their links.
Zaxaa- Integration with Autoresponders. Whether you like it or not, creating a buyers’ list is a strong way to stay in business. With Zaxaa, you can automatically add buyers to your lists on Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and iContact.
Zaxaa- Coupon code facility!. One of the ways to boost sales is to generate discount codes for your buyers. Smart vendors will generate event based discount codes and boost sales during events. You can even generate custom codes for specific affiliates to help them make more sales for you. Unlike Clickbank, Zaxaa platform gives you the facility to generate coupons with the following features;     Coupon usage limit (limit coupons to a certain number of counts);     Coupon discount in fix amount or percentage;     Set an expiration date (Good for event based discounts);     Apply the discount to recurring payments or not.
Zaxaa- Void Affiliate Settings!  Some affiliates are fun of buying things using their own affiliate links. If you don’t want this, this feature will enable you voide commissions if your affiliates use their links to buy.
Zaxaa– Profit Sharing!. This is an exceptional feature if you are more than 1 on a certain product. This feature allows Zaxaa to automatically share profit within partners.As a matter of fact, you set the sharing percentages from within your account. Each time there is a sales, after deducting the fees and affiliate shares, the leftover is then shared between partners following your settings. So if you are more than one on a product, you don’t have to worry how profit sharing shall be handled.
Zaxaa-Create a dimesale and limit product quantity!. When you run a dimesale, your product’s price goes up incrementally each time someone makes a purchase, until a set maximum is reached. It’s an indisputable way to boost sales.Dimesales settings on Zaxaa is quite simple. Here is a practical video!  Zaxaa is a perfect platform to sell a product. There are lots more features, including OTO product creation, 2nd-tier affiliate program, product launch, etc
If you are affiliate marketer, stop wasting your time and promoting products that keep your commissions for more than 45+ days. Start promoting products on Zaxaa and be paid your commissions instantly.

Create your free Zaxaa account today and start selling  Click here!