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What is SilentSiphon?  Silent Siphon is a powerful WordPress plugin which allows you to create lead generation campaigns with any content on any website. Doing this, you will be able to build email lists and boost conversions, sales and brand awareness much easier.The vendor has provided a video which gives guidelines on how to do things to get real benefits.
Feature details  Here some special features of this tool. Make sure you have gone through all of them in order not to miss any spectacular thing about it.
·      Create lead campaigns  This tool is really amazing in terms of creating campaigns. Instead of spending days to finish a campaign, now you only need to do some clicks to set a whole campaign in an instant.
·      Earn hundreds a day  This funnel enables you to drive more free traffic and boost conversions effectively. By using this tool, you can upgrade your income many times more than before.
·         Landing pages and boost maximum conversions  Another thing you can do with Silent Siphon is to create landing pages however you want. It is possible to find a mix of elements and upload on your website to improve conversions.
·        Automatic  This plugin is extremely suitable for busy marketers as it saves you from a bunch of hard work. Silent Siphon is totally automatic. Just make a request and let the software finish the work.
What Can Silent Siphon do For YOUR Business?
Here are just a few ways Silent Siphon will accelerate your marketing success starting now.. Add a Powerful Call-to-action to Every Link you Share…It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, Silent Siphon can help you find new leads and boost conversions in any industry even if no-one has heard of you.
A single Silent Siphon campaign could be the tipping point to your success and give you the edge you have been looking for in your marketing.
True Set & Forget List Building & Lead Generation…Every Silent Siphon campaign works 24/7/365 on autopilot, once you have shared your content with the Silent Siphon wrapped around it you are all set…
Then, with dozens of Silent Siphon’s running around the clock you have an unending flood of potential traffic, conversions and a true game-changer for your business.
Generate Customers, Brand & Engagement in ANY Market… There are over 2 Billion active users on Facebook, millions more on LinkedIn, Twitter and every other social media platform where your customers ACTUALLY are…Silent Siphon gives you a powerful way to engage your audience, grow your brand, garner direct attention and leverage the authority of the content you share.
Siphon Leads From the Leveraged Authority of Viral Content Automatically
By sharing awesome content that is truly valuable to your audience you are creating a win-win situation for both your audience and the content provider…With Silent Siphon you have, for the first time, an opportunity to leverage that amazing content and use it to grow your business.
You OWN Your Data, You’re Not Leasing Your Business from a Third-Party  This is a Self-Hosted system that you plug in right in to your WordPress site. This means YOU own your data and it’s on YOUR domain not some third party cloud-based system…This gives you FULL control over everything and the ability to build YOUR brand, not someone elses company with all your hard work…
Drop Re-Targeting Cookies & Create Massive Custom Audiences… One of the most powerful features of Silent Siphon is it’s ability to silently drop re-targeting cookies and pixels for custom audiences on any media buying platform…Now you can share amazing value with your audience, know your audiences EXACT interests and market directly to those engaged leads without ever needing their email.
You Can Launch Your First Silent Siphon Campaign in Under 60 Seconds…We made this SUPER simple so anyone, regardless of experience, can jump in to this and get their first campaign up and running FAST…In fact, you could have Silent Siphon installed on your site in just a few minutes and your first campaign pulling in new leads in under a minute…
Tons of Pre-Done Proven High-Converting Templates All Ready to Go… There is a HUGE collection of pre-done templates for you to choose from and you can customize each one to suit your EXACT needs with just a few clicks of the mouse…Just pick one of our proven templates and make it yours. Not only that, we’ll be adding to the collection over the next few weeks for even more conversion potential…
Turn Your Social Media Sharing in to Streams of Affiliate Revenue…Have a great product that pays you incredible commission but don’t know how to drive the right kind of traffic to that offer? Well, now you do…With Silent Siphon in your corner you can enhance, grow and streamline your conversions and optimize your affiliate marketing with relevant curated content…
You Can Track Success, Split-Test Campaigns & Monitor Growth in Real-Time…The internal tracking and monitoring systems let you know in real-time how your campaigns are growing your business and gives you all the insights you need…You can also split-test, tweak and optimize your message to ensure maximum conversions with each campaign you launch and maximize your potential.
Silent Siphon Also DIRECTLY Integrates with ALL Your Favorite Systems  The Easiest & Fastest Way to Create HUGE Lists, Laser-Targeted Custom Audiences & Skyrocket Conversions In ANY Niche... On Autopilot!

Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Campaigns Hosted on Your Servers or Are They Hosted on My Site? This is a plugin that installs on YOUR self-hosted WordPress website and the campaigns are hosted on your site. You are 100% in control of your marketing and you have NO restrictions at all. That just makes your life much easier…
What are the System Requirements for Silent Siphon?  All you need is a standard host, a self-hosted WordPress site with a minumum of PHP 5.4 (5.6+ Recommended). This is standard on 99% of good hosts and is the minumum standard for most commercial plugins…
Can I Use This Amazing System on My Existing Site? The CORE system is a powerful plugin that is pre-loaded with yummy marketing goodness and this works great with ANY theme out there. You just tell the system to use our template override for a page. However, we do also offer a very powerful “Theme” that goes with this that adds even more power to the core system…
Are There Any Monthly Fees or Hidden Fees With Silent Siphon?  No, we do not charge any monthly fees, just a one-time cost and you can pick the right package that suits your needs. Also, there are no hidden-fees… We want you to hit the ground running and know that you can focus on creating Silent Siphon’s and put your call to action on any link you share without all the hassle…
Silent Siphon Lead Generation Software by Sean Donahoe Steps :

Step 1 – Launch Your Silent Siphon Viral Campaign
Find proven viral content your market loves & wrap it in a Silent Siphon.
Step 2 – Instantly Attract Your Ideal Leads & Customers
Instantly, your Silent Siphon is working to attract your ideal lead or customer…
Step 3 – Generate Leads, Engage, Convert & Track Results
Watch as your conversions, leads & profits grow steadily thanks to Silent Siphon…

Get Bonus :

BONUS ADDON #1: – Video Smart-Share Siphons (Value $47)
Now You Have the Ability to Tap in to the RAW Viral Power of Millions of Videos
How Facebook Currently Shows YouTube Videos – Dead BORING, Ineffective and Useless

  • Facebook Does not LIKE Full Embeds of YouTube
  • They Give PRIORITY to Their Own Video Embeds
  • Videos are the #1 Content Shared and Clicked
  • Silent Siphon Gives You a HUGE Advantage
  • Now You Can Leverage Millions of Viral Videos
  • Silent Siphon Supports Both YouTube & Vimeo Videos
The NEW Way With Silent Siphon Instantly Gives You a HUGE Advantage with Both YouTube & Vimeo
BONUS ADDON #2: – Silent Siphon Sequences (Value $97)
Get 10 of My Personal “Fill In The Blanks” Perfect Follow Up Sequences That Work in ANY Niche. For the First Time Ever I am Releasing my Email Marketing “Secret Weapon” that I use EVERYWHERE. That’s Over 100 Professionally Written Emails to Specifically Designed to Engage & Convert (Only Available for a Short Time).Every single one of these emails is designed to achieve maximum engagement, value building and conversions and allows you to create the perfect relationship with your new prospects generated by Silent Siphon :

– Vol 1 – People who Signed up for Your Free Report
– Vol 2 – People who Signed up for Your Marketing Report
– Vol 3 – People who Joined Your Affiliate Program
– Vol 4 – People who Have Bought Your Software
– Vol 5 – People that Signed up for Your Newsletter List
– Vol 6 – People that Joined Your Membership Site
– Vol 7 – People that Downloaded Your Software Demo
– Vol 8 – People that Bought Your eBook
– Vol 9 – People Interested in Reprint Rights
– Vol 10 – Mining Gold with Autoresponders
However, These Bonuses Will Disappear Very Soon – This is Your ONLY Chance to Get These Bonuses.

What Are Other People Saying About Silent Siphon? Don't just take our word for it, see why others are RAVING about Silent Siphon...
The best parts for me here are custom retargeting for each link, full-page overlays and ability to choose and customize nice templates, which combining with the exit feature boosts the conversion a lot. I've been using this technique for some time and I can see the Silent Siphon offers a lot more features than it's competitors, which makes me no brainer to get it and take advantage of the authorities' authority with ease. Look Saibertin  Customer
The moment that blew my mind was when I realised, I was getting this incredible platform for a one time fee! It's normally is a monthly fee SaaS platform, from any other company! This type of software gets results if used properly. I also like the smooth interface that looks easy enough for my Mom to figure out! Another great platform Sean! Loving what you bring to the table... Excited to get playing with Silent Siphon! Jason Luisgnan  Customer
You know, I can generate targeted, free and paid traffic with "Silent Siphon"... Sean, how do you do it? Once again, you have knocked the ball out of the park. I have seen similar products to Silent Siphon, but nothing as thorough and comprehensive as Silent Siphon.This one is really going to keep me busy with all of the possibilities as well as making some serious money and, of course, I am in control of my data...John Dough  Customer
Wow! I'm blown away! I created my very first FB page less than a month ago, and all of a sudden I can just see how I'll be able to share the best content in my niche without ever coming across as a marketer and also be able to promote all those affiliate offers I've been eyeing...Sonia Preiss Customer
This is very useful in my niche which includes credit restoration and estate planning services. Two things people 1. don't know much about and 2. are not open to discussing in an open forum. It will allow me to test interests so that I can set up the appropriate campaigns based on those keywords in the pixel. Simmóne W. Anderson Customer 

The Products (FE/OTO/Upsell) :

OTO #1 – Silent Siphon ProfitBuilder Pro Edition Special Upgrade Accelerate Your Success & Build Amazing Landing Pages Fast That Convert Like Crazy & Dramatically Increase Revenue and Over Save 77%! ( And Yes, It’s The Same System That Built THIS Site and is the Core of Our Multi-Million Dollar Business! ). Build Great Landing Pages Fast & Get More Conversions.

 We want you to have an true unfair advantage when it comes to your landing pages and sites :

– EASY DRAG & DROP BUILDER – Our new drag & drop builder turns you In to a marketing master FAST with ZERO coding or design skills. just click, drag and GO!
– 130+ PROVEN TEMPLATES – Start with one of our high-converting, goegeous, mobile-optimized templates & customize them to make them your own
– NEW FUNNEL BUILDER – Our new funnel builder helps you create opt-in funnels, sales, webinar, membership funnels and more and track your success
– OPTIMIZED FOR CONVERSIONS – Businesses large, small and new trust ProfitBuilder to take control of their marketing and get better results and scale revenue
– ALWAYS MOBILE RESPONSIVE – Your landing pages will look FANTASTIC automatically on any device, capturing leads from everywhere for your business
– A/B TESTING & ANALYTICS – Optimize, test and track your conversions with our powerful split-testing engine and squeeze every ounce of power from your pages
Build ANY Type of Marketing Page In a Few Clicks :
Build ANY Type of Marketing Page In a Few Clicks :
Quickly build custom landing pages for any campaign, and use overlays to increase conversions.
– Opt-In Pages
– Sales Pages
– Member Portals
– Webinar Pages
– Social Gates
– Coming Soon
– Review Pages
– Bonus Pages
– About Me Pages
– Local Marketing
– JV Pages
– ECommerce Sites
– Launch Pages
– Upsell Pages
– Training Series
– Full Websites
Now You Can Generate, Nurture, And Effortlessly Convert More Leads Into Paying Customers, On 100% Autopilot ( This is the PERFECT companion to Silent Siphon and ProfitBuilder to Dramatically Grow & Enhance Your Business )

– AUTOMATE YOUR LEAD GENERATION – Build gigantic, hyper-responsive mailing lists filled with hungry subscribers who are ready to buy in a mere fraction of the time
– TRACK EVERYTHING YOUR LEADS DO – Boost engagement and build stronger relationships with your subscribers, leading to more sales and increased retention.
– INTEGRATE YOUR LEADS EVERYWHERE – Connect your leads to every system and service you may use and keep all your leads in one central location under YOUR control.
– DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR PROFITS – Automate every aspect of your business, grow profits and free up time so you can focus on enjoying the things that really matter.
– Your Entire Business On One Single Dashboard – LeadsFlow is not only a bridge between your lead generation and your other systems, it allows you to see “At-A-Glance” exactly what is happening in your business in real time and track everything.
We built this system to automate many key parts of our business, allowing us to put our lead generation on 100% autopilot and TRIPLE our profits. Now, for the first time ever, converting leads into paying customers is as easy as 1-2-3 :

1. CREATE YOUR LEADFLOW – Using our drag-and-drop LeadFlow builder, you can specify a series of events triggered when you capture a new lead.
2. INTEGRATE YOUR LEADFLOW – LeadsFlowPro integrates your leads with 100s of your favorite service providers to create true marketing automation for your business.
3. LAUNCH, TRACK & PROFIT – Sit back and relax as LeadsFlowPro generates more leads, increases sales and grows your profits faster than ever before.
Know EXACTLY What Is Happening in Your Business in Real Time. The beauty of this system is that it really is the hub for everything happening in your business right now :
– Easily Tag & Segment Your Audience – By tagging leads based on their interests and actions you can easily focus your marketing based on what they want.
– Watch Your Visitors in Real-Time – Track EXACTLY what your leads are doing, the actions they are taking and why, allowing you to optimize your marketing.
– Push Leads from One Flow to Another – In just a few clicks you can select your preferred audience and push them through a new LeadFlow to accelerate success.
– Easy Import / Export of Leads – Finally, you have the ability to manage and control your entire audience and let LeadsFlow Pro handle everything for you.
– Siphon Leads from Facebook Leads Ads – With our powerful Facebook integration you can siphon high-quality leads directly from Facebook Lead Ads in Seconds.
– Powerful IPN Passthru Technology – LeadsFlow Pro can sit in the middle of any IPN transaction to integrate your systems and track everything.
Watch as I Uncover and Share Some of the Most Closely Guarded Marketing Secrets From Industry Titans Not only did I get these experts of their industries to share their most successful strategies, I also share many of my own strategies that have created multi-million businesses. ATTENTION : Spaces are VERY Limited for This. We are only going to allow access to a very small number of people who can truly benefit from the knowledge and strategies that are revealed in Smart Start Blueprint :

– Rapid Product Creation Secrets – How To Create A High Quality Product Guaranteed To Sell Like Hotcakes… In 24 Hours Or Less!

– 10x Content Marketing Formula – How To Generate Traffic And Leads With Your Best Content and Make it Work Harder 24/7
– 12-Step Video Sales Letter Mastery – Steal My Proven Formula That Is Responsible For Over $4.3 Million In Sales
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– High-Converting Webinar Strategies – The Easy Way To Sell High-Ticket Products, Even If You’re A Beginner With No Credentials.
– You Will Also Get MailTimer Pro – Create Genuine Urgency for Your Email Campaigns (Worth $47)
– Instantly Skyrocket Mail Conversions – Works with ANY Autoresponder
– Displays in Any Email Program (Inc. Gmail) – Have Your First Mail Timer set up in Seconds
– Also Use this on Sales Pages and Affiliate Campaigns – Compels Action and Gets Viewers to Click
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– Tom Beal – 12 Week Mastery, Business Productivity Expert
– E. Brian Rose – Co-Founder JVZoo.com, Personal Branding / Business Expert
– Gonzalo Paternoster – Founder ManOfSystems.com, Outsourcing and Automation Expert
– Dr Ben Adkins – Founder / CEO ScriptDoll.com, Automated Copywriting Expert
– Jimmy Kim – Founder / CEO Sendlane.com, Email Marketing & Deliverability Expert