MindSet Mastery Rewiring Your Mind

MindSet Mastery Rewiring Your Mind

Have you ever wondered who you really are? What your life purpose is? What are you really meant to do on this Earth, in this lifetime?
Do you feel that there is more to you and what you can offer? If you are stillsearching for these answers, then you have come to the right place. The journey of self-discovery requires a lot of groundwork and can be daunting at times, as it involves revisiting a lot of your past experiences, choices and emotions.
Therefore, this E-book will guide you through all the intricate details you require in your journey to unravel your true self. This includes identifying your personality, awakening your spiritual dimension, learning to love yourself as well as embracing the change that comes.
It will no doubt trigger confusion, doubt, and misunderstandings, which will force you to make decisions that will affect your life. However you need to trust the process as it is worth taking and you will turn out to be an entirely different person from where you started off. There is more to you than you think.
Let go of your past and focus on what is about to come. Give permission to yourself to go through this journey and allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you open up yourself to all the possibilities this journey will bring, you will realize how rewarding it is at the end.

You will discover the most important element of all: YOURSELF.

Introducing Power Of Positive Thinking. Power Of Positive Thinking is a comprehensive self-help blueprint on how to achieve the Key mindset like any other successful world’s top achievers that will help you unlock Anything you want in every aspect of your life. This is the real solution that you are looking for to progress further in life with a simple mindset shift. Positive thinking & relentless optimism in any circumstance are the secrets to living a happy, fulfilled and more successful life — This is what this life-changing blueprint is all about.
This transformational guide contains everything you need to know about “Power Of Positive Thinking” — Proven & powerful strategies of the elites use to mould their winning mindset, the benefits of adopting a positive mindset, simple step-by-step action plan to train your mind to think positive in bad situations, how to develop your thinking systems for success… and much more waiting to be revealed inside this blueprint. Ultimately, this is your go-to self-help blueprint to unleash your full potential and create their own success story… A go-to self-help guide to those who’re 100% committed to growth, crushing your fears, insecurities, self-doubts and plow your way to far greater success than they could ever imagine.

What will you get inside?

The Power of Positive Thinking is a 100% brand new and unique Ebook that contains the latest and most up-to-date information on “Positive Thinking” that was written with heart and real-life experiences. Packed with over 10,000+ words written in thoughtful way that will ‘talk’ to our readers, creating 100% engagement and bring your readers into awe. Every bit of information has no fluff, but quality content that your users are gonna LOVE.
Now let’s take a look at what you’ll discover in this E-Book :
How Positive Thinking is proven by psychological studies to help people lead a happier & better quality life.
How to handle every obstacle that life throws at you with relentless positivity that will yield best results
8 reasons why you should embrace a positive mindset
The scientific explanation of how being positive helps you cope with stress, boost your immunity system & improve your health.
Are you suffering from the “BLUE” symptoms? (Find out in Chapter 3)
How your thoughts drive the way you feel about yourself and your actions
6 tips to build your mental muscles with positive thoughts
How to find out if you are a positive or negative thinker? Check out the 4 characteristics of positive thinker revealed in Chapter 6
ONE simple trick to flip negative thoughts into something positive
Why it is important to use positive language instead of negative ones
How to develop your personalized system for thinking, planning, and innovating which are crucial to bringing you closer to your goals
8 simple steps to wire your mind to focus on the positive … And so much more waiting to be uncovered inside!

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How To Be The Best Of YourSelf

How To Be The Best Of YourSelf

Opening Your Abundance

“Summoning gratitude is a sure way to get our life back on track. Opening our eyes to affirm gratitude grows the garden of our inner abundance, just as standing close to a fire eventually warms our heart”  -Alexandra Katehakis

In this E-book you’ll learn :

The hidden psychological barriers that keep you from changing;  Why goal setting doesn’t work (and what you should do instead); Why finding your passion is a waste of time (and what you should do instead); The key ingredients to change that helped you quit smoking, lose 20 lbs., and triple or more your income (with no willpower required); How the world's most successful artists and entrepreneurs overcome their fear and start projects they love ; How millions are taking advantage of the new era economy (and how you can too).
Instead of just reading, you’ll become an active participant in your own transformation. Buy this E- book now to stop feeling stuck and start becoming the person you deserve to become. This E-Book wrote for You.

Ever heard of a certain short story of a woodcutter who accidentally dropped his old axe deep in a lake one evening? Poor guy isn’t a swimmer. All he could do is fixing his despaired gaze on his sinking axe until it disappeared into the depths of the lake.
The axe was his only tool for earning food and shelter for his family. His long hard struggle is nothing without the assistance of his axe. Now that it is gone, it will take him days to make a new one or even buy one. The sunken axe has been with him since his starting day as a woodcutter and he thanked it for all the hardship they’ve gone through. More so, it has been around since his father’s lumbering days. As he was muddling in his own thoughts, the lake bubbled with flashes of light coming out from it.
The woodcutter was shocked at the sight of a water creature emerged from it. The creature assured him that it meant him no harm and wish only to seek confirmation of a certain axe that fell on the lake where it resides. It was holding 2 axes, one is a striking golden axe and another is a used, battered looking axe. He told the water creature that his axe was the old one and thanked the creature for returning it for him.
Touched by his honesty and sincerity, the creature gave him the golden axe as a gift. At first the woodcutter refused the creature’s offer, afraid that there might’ve been something that it would want from him in which he couldn’t afford in return.
However, the creature convinced the woodcutter to accept it as a remembrance for all the sacrifices and good deeds he has gone through all these years with humility and patience. Overjoyed by the creature’s sentiments, he accepted it wholeheartedly and promised himself to remember this day. The day where his long-years of struggles was rewarded.

For once in your life, you would like to feel the magic of receiving wealth beyond your wildest dream for all the struggles you have gone through. But as much as you want it to happen, things won’t necessarily go your way.
As for our woodcutter, should the water creature not emerge from the lake to offer him a reward for his honesty; he will lose his dear axe for good. Worse, his only means to earn money for his family. But it did, and gave the amount of gift it dubbed equal to the woodcutter’s patience and perseverance.

Remember the first paycheck of your life?

Try to recall the excitement and exhilaration when you first cashed out the money. The excitement of earning money using your own hands gives a much more personal meaning to it. However, it doesn’t come without ample obstacles and struggles. This includes your attitude towards accepting the money as well. Why is it some people who struggled as much as you do didn’t receive what they deserve? Has this happened to you, your close friends or family members? Do you know what caused it mostly?
Within the next pages of this book, you will uncover the one true manifesto of your abundance. It is more than just your well-known struggle but it starts as early from the way your mind commanding your nerve system to act upon it.
This command is highly influenced by the result of conflict between your mind and your heart.Slowly, you utter words reflecting your feelings and eventually you act the way you are feeling now.

The Journey To Be YourSelf

Hi there everyone. Welcome to YourSelf.Get ready to undergo an amazing, life-changing transformation with this program.
In this E-Book, we will show you the best tips and strategies to help you be the very best version of yourself. Maybe there’s some part of your life that you want to improve on.
Perhaps you want…More.And, let me tell you this one thing: It is your birthright to live a happy, fulfilling and abundant life!
Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. And here I quote Tony Robbins: “Set high-standards for yourself and don’t settle for anything less. You are the best judge of yourself and your capabilities.” Most people don’t even make a decision to change. You, however, are different. Different from the rest out there.
Because, right here, you have this in your hands –YourSelf: How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself.A proven system to make positive changes in any area of your life.Designed to help clarify your goals, focus your energy and radically change your life. All you have to do is just be open to learning and you must be willing to break out of your routines, habits and mindset.
Now, let’s head on over to Chapter 1-0 to get started on YOU. Let’s do this thing!

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SQZin Turn Any Page Into Your Viral Squeeze Page?

SQZin Turn Any Page Into Your Viral Squeeze Page?

WHAT DOES SQZIN DO?  With Sqzin especially once you can used to it, you’ll realize how powerful it can be for getting eyeballs on your squeeze pages and offers. Here’s exactly what you can do with Sqzin:

Discover viral content you can share. Sqzin’s content discovery tool allows you to find news, videos, products and other resources as they go viral. You can do a search in any niche and get results that are ready to be “squeezed” right away with Sqzin.
Add viral sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons appear on the pages you squeeze with Sqzin; visitors can share the content on the major social media platforms you select. This helps greatly with virality and exposure to your calls to action.
Provide cloaking and tracking. Every link squeezed with Sqzin tracks the clicks and conversion rates, so you always know what’s going on.
Video squeeze pages. You can paste in a video link to create a high converting video squeeze page complete with autoresponder opt-in forms, added calls to action and more.  You can add pop-overs to these pages with CTAs to whatever you want!
Add customized headers. Each page you squeeze will have an attention bar header that’s totally customizable. You can add your company name for branding purposes, mention a special bonus offer, use a pre-headline, or do anything else you want with it to enhance your results.
Add CTAs and opt-in forms. This feature is gold! You can add attention-grabbing slide-ins that feature an opt-in form or a call-to-action button that links directly to a targeted affiliate product, contact page, or any other destination of your choice.
Interstitial landing pages. You can also implement timer-controlled landing pages that display for a set period and then redirect. This has many potential uses including warming up visitors or introducing your brand.
Password protect. You can password-protect pages that you squeeze with Sqzin. Only those who know the password will be able to access the content on the other end. Use this to increase engagement or deliver exclusive content.
What is Sqzin?  Sqzin is a Cloud based platform that adds extra value to ANY link you use online. It’s the easiest way to make more money and build bigger lists all 100% virally. No writing, No coding, No website even needed!

Yes Now you can Instantly Turn Absolutely any Webpage / Link (News Article, Quiz, YouTube Video, Shopify Offer, Affiliate Link, FB post etc…) whether you own it or not into a cash pulling, 100% viral squeeze page!  Find viral content or use any page you choose (news articles, affiliate links...etc) you can search videos, articles or products using our constantly growing database of content updated every 10 mins.  Turn it into an instant squeeze page with your CTA, banners or optin forms This works for any kind of page you can think of, making ANY share you make instantly more profitable … Viral Squeeze Buttons Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms. More exposure for your customized overlays!

You’re SQZin Links Drive Traffic & SELL for You
24-Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

With these links doing most of the work, you'll be able to have more free time to focus on building your online business - or... just spending time doing more of what you'd like to be doing.  
Honestly, getting traffic can be one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of an online business - and this puts the tools to tap into an unstoppable source right in your hands.
Better still, this works for anyone

Sqzin  – Feature Details
To understand more about  Sqzin, so please read some unique Feature Detail.
Viral discovery tool
The content exploration tool is your unlimited resource to seek news, videos or even products as they become viral. You can do the search for any niche content and wait a moment it will give the best results which are willing to set your auto responder. Once you finish your search, all you need to do is click on the article you want and then SQZin will make it become amazingly.

Viral sharing buttons
This is the amazing one, viral sharing buttons appears with every link that you squeeze. Your visitors can share the great content on the social media. It means that your content will become more viral and many people will know about yours. Also, it helps boost tons of exposure for your customized.

Cloaking and tracking
Cloaking prevents your affiliate links from commission thieves. You have to keep more of your hard earned cash. Tracking is vital for knowing who is buying and where your time is best spent. These trends can help you get much money from zero to many dollars.

Video squeeze pages
It is to create high converting video squeeze pages with auto-responder opt-in form. You can profit by adding an extra affiliate link in a pop over call to action too. Or put a sales video from a product release, or an Amazon review video.

Customized headers

On every page you squeeze, you’ll pay an attention to bar header. These are customizable, letting you use all kinds of tricky marketing techniques like:
           Keep it at the article
           Rename it to something more targeted to your audience
           Add your company name
           Mention a special bonus offer

Add CTA’S & Optin Form
This аpp lets you add an optin form, becoming а clever eye catching leаd capture page. You can also place а call to action button, linking to а targeted аffiliаte product аs well аs а contаct pаge, or аnything you wаnt to use to generаte you money.

Interstitial landing pages
You can set how long you want to make them wait, what you want them to see and then where you want to redirect them after. You can make use of this feature to give them an offer about seeing the pages so that you can introduce your products before providing them affiliate links.

Password protect option
Locking pages is helpful for rising up engagement, delivering special items, bonuses, exclusive content.

Sqzin – How Does It Work?
With four simple steps, you can generate and Drive Traffic & Sell for You
24-Hours A Day, 365 Days a Year effectively:
Step 1: Search for viral and popular content
Step 2: Squeeze: turn your links into squeeze pages with hot header
Step 3: Display it on your website, share your link
Step 4: Enjoy the results and earn profit
It’s a very simple. Does not require MASTAH skills, anyone cаn do it.
Sqzin – Pros and Cons
        Easy to use, anyone can do it
        100% free built in viral traffic
        Sharing viral buttons, you can share on social media
        No skill or experience needed
        No writing, coding, website included
        Instantly add optin forms and CTA
        Newbie friendly
        30 day guaranteed
        So far, there is none.

Sqzin – Who Should Use It?
It Could Be Your Potential Supportive Tool That Can Bring You to Huge Commissions. Its Features Are Useful For You If You Are:
    +    Product Promoter
    +    Affiliate Marketers
    +    Advertisers
    +    Business Owners
    +    Online Marketer
    +    Website Owners
    +    Local Marketers
    +    Newbie Marketers
    +    E-Commerce Marketers

Sqzin – Price & Otos

Front-End: Sqzin ($25 ~ $67) 
Oto1 : Sqzin Pro ($17 – $47/Mo) >> See Details <<
Added Features Include:
·         Auto responder Integration
·         Wordpress Plugin
·         Retargeting Pixels
·         Custom Scripts
·         Custom Overlay Feature
·         Plus Added Media Pages & Splash Pages
Oto2 : Agency ($97 ~ $197)
Agency Access providing  the ability to create 10-20 client access accounts
OTO3 : Sqzin Cash ($97/yr.) 
Exchange commission’s integration unlocking their choice of done for you, 100% managed marketing campaigns to automatically monetize their leads. If they cancel after 1 year they get to keep and use everything they own.


Profit Builder: Frendly Landing Page Generator

Profit Builder: Frendly Landing Page Generator

Profit Builder 2.0 the Easiest Way to Build Awesome Landing Pages Fast, Generate High-Quality Leads, Convert Visitors & Dramatically Increase Revenue.Using The #1 Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder for WordPress. Creating an optimized landing page that converts can be quite difficult for online marketers. A great solution for this problem is the WP Profit Builder 2.0.
Profit Builder 2.0 It is a premium WP Plugin that enables you to create the pages you like, be it a sales page, member portals, opt-in page, review page, bonus page, webinar page, launch page, coming soon page, and the likes. It is a contender when it comes to high converting marketing pages.  The original WP Profit Builder plugin has a fantastic set of templates with full customization.  Usually You just take a preexisting template and then edit it with your graphics, video, call to action, etc.
What is Profit Builder 2.0?  What is WP Profit Builder 2.0 and What Does it Do? Profit Builder is a tool supporting us to create landing pages with many advanced functions to create effects and things. It is a landing page builder / squeeze page creator. It is a kind of drag and drop software that is most suitable for newbies who may not get familiar with online marketing. That may not sound too exciting but it plays a vital role in successful online marketing campaigns. The creator, Sean Donahoe, is a very well-known internet marketing guru that has mastered the science of getting the most out of every web page on a site.

Some of the ProfitBuilder 2.0 features include:
                                 ·            100+ killer marketing pages pre-designed to bring in leads and sales
                                 ·            Very simple drag-and-drop builder
                                 ·            Easy to set-up (takes just minutes)
                                 ·            Works with any wordpress site
                                 ·            No coding or technical skills required
                                 ·            100% responsive & mobile friendly
                                 ·            NOT a monthly fee like most of the closest competitors (HUGE selling point for me!)

WP Profit Builder 2 Features
Here are some of the types of landing/squeeze pages you can build with Profit Builder 2.0 : Opt-in Pages ; Buy Now Templates ; eCourse Signups ; Sales Letters ; Membership Portals; Webinar Registrations ; Product Launches ; Placeholders ; Bonuses and Upsells ; Reviews & Testimonials ; Joint Venture (JV) Pages; eCommerce Sites; Training Series ; Social Gates ; About the Team ; and MUCH more!
How Does WP Profit Builder 2.0 Work?
WP Profitbuilder 2 is a Plugin, so it is very simple to install, as simple as a WordPress plugin to install;  that adds an intuitive design interface to create any type of landing page you need.  If you can’t design landing pages it comes packed with over 100 templates that can suit any of your needs.  The templates included in the Profit Builder 2.0 software have been created by internet marketing professionals with designs that have proven to convert.
Profit Builder 2.0 provides a simple interface that anyone can use to landing any pages they want. If you are not so proficient at designing templates. Profit Builder 2.0 comes with more than 100 pre-designed for you to consider. These templates are created by professional marketers around the world, so you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness. That is how Profit Builder 2.0 is designed primarily for beginners. With just drags and drops, pre-designed templates and many done things, users just need to get access to the software, choose the templates, customize it just as how they want and they will have a perfect landing page in just a couple of minutes.
What Kind of Landing Pages Can You Create with Profit Builder 2.0?
They have almost all templates for anything you can think of.  These are templates that are proven to convert traffic into opt-ins and sales.  There is no reason to recreate the wheel by trying to figure out the best layout because the templates cover it all.  Of course you can design your own landing pages from scratch with the simple drag and drop interface.  Here is what you can build with Profit Builder : Optin Pages ; Sales Pages ;  Membership Portals; Webinar Signup Pages ; Product Launch Pages;            Coming Soon Pages;    Bonus Pages; Upsell Pages ;  Review Pages; JV Pages ; ECommerce Sites ; Training Series Websites ; Social Gates ;   and  About Me Pages.
Here Some of the features of WP Profit Builder 2?
·                     WP Profit Builder 2allows you to create any kind of webpages you like. You can choose in the extensive template library, which is by the way has more than 60 different templates layout. You can also create from scratch.
·                     It comes with an easy to navigate drag and drop builder. Hence, creating the layout you want is easy. You don’t necessarily need to change the WordPress theme you chosen. As mentioned above, there is an already available theme which you can use for free.
·                     Creating a page is easy with just a click of a button. Just name your page and save as a draft. Click the WP Profit Builder button in the WordPress visual editor. You will see all available options and be able to control all the elements.
·                     WP Profit builder 2 has its own settings page. It is where you can access the extensive layout gallery. If you like, you can easily download your chosen pre-made layouts. You can also customize to give your page a truly unique look.
·                     WP Profit Builder 2 enables you to customize your page’s background image. You can even have a video background. There are a lot of available options for you to try on. There is no limit to what you can do to your page.

Here a new and Improved In WP Profit Builder 2.0 ?
·                     Rapid Funnel Builder : Quickly and Easily Create High-Powered Funnels For Lead Generation, Sales, Webinars and More
·                     Dynamic Split Testing System : Maximize Your Page and Funnel Conversions with Intelligent and Adaptive Split Testing
·                     Conversion Tracking System: Track Your Conversions, Profits and Campaign Success Quickly and Easily With ProfitBuilder
·                     Revamped Freeflow UI: New FreeFlow UI was Rebuilt From the Ground Up to Be More Powerful, Intuitive and Flexible
·                     New Revisions System : Jump Back In Time To Any Previous or AutoSaved Version of a Page In Just a Couple of Clicks
·                     Over 100+ Optimized Templates: Over 100 High-Converting, Mobile Optimized Landing Pages for Lead Gen, Sales, Webinars and More
·                     Mobile Responsive: Fully Customize and Optimize Your Marketing Pages to Look Awesome on Any Mobile Device
·                     Smart Speed Boosting: A Slow Page Converts No-One. We Are Obsessed with Performance And Optimize Everything for Speed
·                     Improved ECommerce Support: Tap In to The $2.3 Trillion Ecommerce Industry With ProfitBuilder’s Improved Support for WooCommerce

For More Info Find Here  or Visit Official Website

Why Should You Use It?
Profit Buider 2.0 is a really good start for beginners who may not know exactly what landing pages is. Everything from A to Z has been pre-designed or given detailed instruction for you to get your work done.If you not so fluent with designing stuff. Usually, it takes you a week to find out everything you need to do with landing pages. With Profit Builder 2.0 You can get more work done in a shorter period of time. You just need a couple of hour. Profit Builder do all the hard work for you. Oh ya..I almost forget this point. If you are not in favour of pre-designed templates, you can use Profit Builder 2.0 to create your own templates. Profit Builder 2.0 gives you many tools to make your pages stunning and impressive.
Prices & How to Buy It?
Profit Builder 2.0 is available with a price from $47 to $67- a one-time fee. In addition, it also comes with a few other versions :

         ·            Front End: ProfitBuilder 2.0 >>> See Detail <<<
         ·            Upsell 1: Template Club >>> See Detail <<<
         ·            Upsell 2: LeadsFlow Pro >>> See Detail <<<
         ·            Upsell 3: ProfitBuilder Academy >>> See Detail <<<

Sean also gives you a 30 days money back guarantee if the software does not work as how you expect. Just email him and ask for a refund, no further questions!
 Source  : http://www.harmenbatubara.com/profit-builder-best-frendly-landing-page-creator/