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From: Yaro Starak
World Renowned Authority On Making Money With Blogs
Founder of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

Here is a question I bet you want to know the answer to…
“What does it take to “REALLY” make money online today?”
If you've ever read any of my blog posts… or tuned into my popular podcast channel… then you should know this.
I don't buy into all the “fluff and hype” out there when it comes to Blogging and Internet marketing.
Nor do I surround myself with people who don't really “walk their talk”, so to speak.
The fact is, it's hard to know…
Who Can You Trust and Who Delivers Results?
Here's a sobering truth…
Most people dive in the deep end and are quickly submerged with the never-ending overwhelm of trying to keep up with what to do next online.
I'm here to tell you after being online for 15 years, and making more than a million dollars thanks to my blogging business, that there is always a SMART way and a HARD way to achieve success.
Knowing the difference is a RARE and valuable skill to have. And that's what I want to share with you now.
NOTICE: I didn't say there is an “EASY” way. Nothing is easy, but there is always a smarter path, where you are exponentiallyrewarded for the effort you put in.
You see, for some time I've had this idea. An idea that was always in my mind because so many people suggested I do it. However I didn't for so long, until now.
My idea was this…
To conduct the best-of-the-best top-shelf expert interviews with the worlds most switched on Bloggers and Internet marketers and put them into a sequential order with one single purpose.
And that purpose is…
So anyone could follow along and listen to my strategically placed set of interviews, and using action steps provided along with each interview, to finally build an online business that gives you the gift of financial freedom, the power to “Live The Laptop Lifestyle“.
And not just small, part time income… no, no, no… this is about giving people the keys to break the $100,000 a year milestone, which has been shown in studies to be the income threshold that makes a big difference to your quality of life.
The Secret Successful Entrepreneurs Tap Into: Inspiration And Insight From People Who Have What You Want
I want to tell you why I'm convinced this is THE BEST insider club if you are serious about making a life-changing income online.
Every time I disconnect the call at the end of one my expert-interviews I'm absolutely amazed at how willing these multi-millionaires are to share exactly how they build their businesses.
They motivate me to work harder, to strive for more, to have bigger goals. Best of all, they give me actionable ideas that I can take away and immediately apply.
That's the same experience you are going to have after listening to each interview.
Seriously, I've realised that in my last 5 or 6 interviews alone, there's enough actionable steps that could easily surpass any material you get in a $2,500 money-making information product.
So how am I able to pull out such valuable content when I interview these experts? Well, it's all to do with a specific question formula I use.
I have a very unique style that drills straight to the good stuff quicker than a kid snapping up the free toy in a cereal box.
MY SECRET: Here's my interview secret – I use a unique story telling, “Entrepreneur's Journey” formula when interviewing all my guests.
Yep, that's the heart of why my interviews are always so revealing and why I can get all the step-by-step techniques from my guests.
I started interviewing in 2006. Since I was just beginning my blogging journey I was intensely curious about how other people make money. That natural curiosity led me to develop a question-system that breaks down the processes behind the success.
Listening to interviews is one of the big reasons why I went on to make over a million dollars from my blog. I want you to have the same advantage.
You Need Quality People Around You
Here's something that you probably know already.
If you want success, surround yourself with successful people.
Over and over and over again I hear the advice from people who have made big money online: You must surround yourself with people that make you better, stronger, and more committed.
These people also help you directly, providing solutions to specific problems as you grow your business.
Unfortunately when most people make the decision to become an entrepreneur they are not surrounded by supportive people.
Worse still, you may have friends and family who follow the traditional path of lifetime wage-slave, working long hours, living for the weekends and putting their real life on hold until retirement, when they are too old to enjoy it.
These people can become angry that you are attempting to live your dreams and create a business. They won't like that you are non-conforming, that you are trying to break free. They will be jealous and try to bring you down.
If you only have negative people around you, your chance of success drops dramatically.
You have to become a fortress of positive energy. You can't let these people get to you.
My interviews are like a virtual mastermind group you can tap into any time. You have a whole team of experts available to you, who you can listen to over and over again any time you need fortification.
Listen to these interviews several times a week and you will notice a difference. It's like a vitamin pill protecting you from all the nasty people who don't want you to succeed.