MobilRR - Get HOT Leads Make Selling More Easy

MobilRR -  Get HOT Leads Make Selling More Easy

MobilRR  – What is MobilRR?

MobilRR is an all-in-one cloud-based software tool desigened to get you HOT leads for businesses with website that aren't mobile friendly. Yes this software can turn any regular site into a mobile-friendly one. But it doesn't just stop at finding the business that need your help. MobilRR provides you several eye-catching templates.
MobilRR gives you everything you need to contact these businesses with a click of your mouse and with the built-in mobile-friendly website builder and templates inside MobilRR, you can make your client’s websites mobile-friendly in just minutes… No design skills required! An easy-to-use, point and click mobile website builder is included inside for fast and easy fulfillment…With just a few clicks of your mouse and minutes of your time, you can make ANY website mobile-friendly. Everything you need to find targeted leads and make money is included inside MobilRR. Search for leads by a number of fields including location, type of business, and more.

Use the built-in email system to send emails to leads RIGHT inside MobilRR – This makes it easy to send more emails, save template emails, and ultimately save countless hours of your time 10 quality templates are INCLUDED for FREE to make it even faster and easier to complete your client orders
MobilRR is battle-tested and proven – All you  have to do is plug-in and profit ; MobilRR is cloud-based so there’s never anything to install – Everything inside is 100% newbie-friendly so you can start making money without any special skills, without any prior experience, and you don’t have to outsource a thing – The software does everything for you!
Statistics say that in 2017 the traffic from mobile devices has surpassed that number of traditional desktop and laptop. Mobile traffic occupies more than 50% of the total traffic. That idea shows us the importance of mobile users. Recent studies prove that an amount of 40% of users will leave a site if its mobile experience is terrible. This means you have to make your sites friendly to mobile devices. However, creating a mobile-friendly website is hard for most of the people. That why you need MobilRR.  I like to introduce you to one program that can reach out to potential clients as well as turn any site into a mobile one

MobilRR – Features & Benefits

Built-In Mobile Site Creator  This is the highlight of the tool since it will not ask for any high-tech levels to use. Don’t worry if you are a newcomer who has just jumped to the field with a pure passion. With just a few mouse clicks, you can turn any boring, unattractive sites into an appealing mobile website. Also, the software is designed with an intuitive user interface so you can utilize it without any difficulties.

MobilRR Cloud-Based Software  MobilRR will consume 0 MB of your valuable hard disk. Since it is a cloud-based tool, you do not need to install anything! All data is stored and can be accessed from anywhere.
Done For You Mobile Website Templates  These 10 professionally designed templates are FREE to use when you purchase MobilRR. No more stressing on spending hours and hours trying to generate every single web element. MobilRR will do everything for you, and all you have to do is to focus on making money.
Step-by-Step Video Training (Valued at $197)  You will get a complete guideline immediately after purchasing the program. With this exclusive tutorial, you will quickly learn how to use MobilRR as well as acquiring tips and tricks to generate leads.
Send Emails Right From The Software Dashboard  Because MobilRR was designed as an all-in-one system for getting leads and making money, you can save template emails and even send out emails from right inside the cloud-based software.

How does it work?  The SyndBuddy only has 3 straightforward steps to follow:
Step 1:        Create a SyndBuddy account and login
Step 2:        Choose a kind of social interaction you wish to apply for your content
Step 3:        Press “Go” and let SyndBuddy do the rest

Who is this for?

If you are looking for or need a mobile-friendly website or want to enhance your traffic, then this program is definitely for you. Plus, MobilRR is made for everybody who wants to make money online. MobilRR is a proven system that will let you earn money instantly.

There is no risk at all. Get MobilRR right now and get the exclusive feature of 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This is a super deal that you cannot miss!

Highlights of MobilRR : Cloud-based – Full access from anywhere, anytime ; No monthly fees
Intuitive interface ; Built-in Web Editor ; Reasonable price ; 30 Days Money-Back Guaranteed

Price And How To Buy It?

MobilRR has 1 Front-End and 5 OTOs: Front-End (MobilRR – $27-$37) (See Details) A Cimplete cloud based software that finds non mobile friendly sites and converts it into mobile sites in just few clicks.

OTO 1 (MobilRR Pro – $29.95-$37) (See Details) This unlocks the Pro features like additional mobile site templates PLUS more complete autoresponders

OTO 2 (MobilRR Reseller License – $97) (See Details) This is the Reseller License for MobilRR.

OTO 3 (Lead Gen Software Basic Version – $27) (See Details) This is our flagship software basic version for finding local leads in just a few clicks.

OTO 4 (Lead Gen Software Pro Version – $37) (See Details) This is the Pro version of our Local Lead Software with tons of more features.

OTO 5 (Lead Gen Software Reseller Version – $97) (See Details)

To sum up point, the experience using MobilRR is wonderful. However, there is one thing. The price of this product will go up right after the launch period. So make sure you get the copy now and start to earn money.



Without a mobile-friendly website, these businesses are missing out on leads… sales… and ultimately they are losing money too. Some of them may not realize they have a problem at all, others know they should have a mobile-friendly website and just don’t know how to get it done. And if they don’t ACT fast, they run the risk of having their websites removed from the search listings by Google.

This Is A Best Opportunity For You To Save The Day And Get Paid For Helping These Businesses. Until now, finding these businesses and making their website mobile-friendly was a time-consuming, manual process. The good news is now you don’t have to do that way! They’ve completely automated the process and made it easier than ever for you to find, contact, and close these clients without ANY cold-calling, outsourcing, or hassles! This is where MobilRR comes in.

The question now is Who needs MobilRR?  This is great additional income stream for existing local consultants or ANYONE looking for an easy method for making money by offering real solutions to small business owners. This is some of the easiest local money you’ll ever make, and your clients will LOVE you for helping them solve a big problem.


Drop Shipping Business : They Can Rocks In Africa You Can Do It too

$80k-$150k Per Month Thanks To Drop Shipping: Africa ROCKS The Business!
by Yaroslav Nevsky  

One of our active forum contributors, Daniel from Uganda, tells a fantastic success story and shares his experience in drop shipping.
Hi, please introduce yourself 
I am Daniel Mickoh, an Internet Marketer focused on mainly on Facebook. I live in Kampala, Uganda. I have been involved in the internet marketing space 7 years now.

Before you started drop shipping with AliExpress, did you have any previous experience in e-commerce, or in trade, or in online sphere generally?
I was running e-commerce on Amazon as an affiliate, I have done niche sites, which I still do till today and now I started drop shipping with AliExpress (I was already hiring a lady who was doing this for me). So I already have a number of stores.
Why did you choose the drop shipping business model, after all? How did it all begin?
I choose the drop shipping business mainly because I found it easy to start without inventory and because of my skills in Facebook marketing which offered a huge market.
How many stores do you have now? What is their performance?
I have 12 stores, they gross between $80k-$150k per month on average.

How did you choose the niches?
I came to choose these niches, especially for 5 of stores from a niche business I was running by selling digital products. The other stores were mainly product research for trending products. But I also spy a lot on competitors. I spend usually the biggest part of my time checking competitor ads, best sellers and new markets.
How did you choose products and suppliers for your store? Do you have any strategy of adding new products from time to time? How do you set the prices?
I mainly use 3 criteria to choose products namely; the number of active users on Facebook interested in the product, the number of product reviews and orders from a given supplier and the trends for the product in the last 12 months.
When choosing a supplier, I usually consider the buyer ratings on the store, how many units he has sold, and how fast the supplier responds when contacted.
I usually set prices to cover mainly my ad costs and store plans and still make at least 50% if possible in profits.
Do you remember the first sale made from your store? What have you done to achieve it? How soon did it happen?
The first sale came after testing with Facebook ads for 4 hours. Then we made 4 sales in 24 hours.
How do you promote your stores? How did you understand who’s your target audience? Which channels are the most efficient for you? Did you have to give up some channels? On average, how much does it cost you to promote your stores? (per month)
I promote my store mainly on Facebook and Instagram and SEO by growing huge fan communities, I create engaging content for the fans and use messenger to engage with our audiences and remarket to them later.
I also use a few ninja tactics, most of which I have learned from following the guy who started 10beasts and Brian Deans SEO that works.
Do you use any automated solutions to manage the webstores? How exactly do they help you run the business?
We use automated solutions including emails and messenger automations.
How much time does it take you every day to manage your stores? Which task(s) demand more time than others? What are the most difficult challenges? How do you deal with them?
I have a team of virtual assistants who help to manage these stores, fulfilling orders and responding to customer queries.
How do you deal with difficult customers (if you have any)? Do you have any funny/sad stories?
There will always be good and bad customers, but the worst cases have mainly been fraudsters. For the dissatisfied customers we usually offer refunds on their purchases.
Did you register your business officially? What are the legal requirements in your country (if you know them)?
Our business is legally registered in the United States, that’s my fashion label, but initially, I was using friends to help me out in other countries. But of recent, I have chosen to register another LLC for the dropshipping and online business. The other is an offline business, and didn’t want any issues that can crop up with dropshipping to jeopardize the other business.
What are your plans for future?
To create major brands for 3 of our stores and also start selling digital products along with physical products.
What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?
My Advice lies in three works. Start, Keep Standing, Keep Working it.
Start your store now, look for winning products from competitors and lower prices and sell those in countries they are not targeting, test 10 different products at a time and when you find a winning one, scale that up and get more in that line.
  • By Yaroslav Nevsky  Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business. Sources : https://alidropship.com/drop-shipping-africa/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email