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by harmen batubara

What Is Traffic Travis?  Traffic Travis is a collection of many tools that give you amazing link-building insights and help you really ramp up your efforts. It is free SEO software with a professional, paid upgrade option available. Above the SEO functionalities, there are also tools you can use to research available domain names and improve your PPC performance (as well as boost Adsense earnings). It has been a mainstay of the SEO software game for a number of years now, and literally hundreds of thousands of people have used it.
Difference Between Free Edition & Paid Edition
There are quite a number of differences between the free & paid editions of the Traffic Travis SEO software. With the free edition you are allowed 5 projects, 500 words for rank research, 50 listings for top ranking sites analysis, and 200 words for the keyword suggestion tool. The professional edition, on the other hand, gives you unlimited projects, unlimited words for rank research, access to competitor analysis features, 200 listings for top ranking sites analysis, 2,000 words for the keyword suggestion tool, and the ability to print and save reports.
Traffic Travis tools cover the most important bases as far as SEO tools go. You can perform full SEO health checks on any site that reveal numerous information, like page rank, Alexa Traffics rank, page warnings, as well as several ranking data for Google. Moreover, it can uncover technical mistakes for your website that may affect your visibility in search engines, research backlinks, find out why competitors outrank you, monitor search engine rankings, and even find potential link partners via the Link Finder tool. Traffic Travis covers all the basics so you can be assured that you aren’t missing out on the fundamentals, despite the low price tag (or being free, for that matter).
Don’t get fooled by the Pro version, as you can do most of the things with free version itself. It can termed as SEO management software for your Website which is professionally developer and well-maintained. It offers complete SEO analysis of your blog including SEO analysis of internal pages too. Unlike many other free SEO tools, most of the work using Traffic Travis is automated. You can also export your report which is useful if you offer SEO services like me. Specially ability to manage multiple project will be helpful for those webmasters who are running multiple websites.
According to the vendor pitch, here’s what Traffic Travis can do:
·         Run automated SEO health checks on your site
·         See your site backlinks and analyze them in detail
·         Deep dive into SEO competition for keywords and competitor sites
·         Improve your on-page SEO
·         Track your rankings for multiple keywords Google, Yahoo, and Bing
·         Research new keywords to find terms to try and rank for
·         Analyze the competition of these keywords to see breakdowns of top 10/20 competition (as well as get at-a-glance keyword competitiveness metrics)
·         Get insights into your PPC/Adwords competition in order to improve campaign performance
·         Find domain names based on the keywords you uncover

Here’s what I like about the product:
Reasonable Price. $97 per year is not a bad price at all or an SEO software that has so many different features, and which has a proven track record of being reliable. Furthermore, the free edition is actually very good if you are just managing a couple of sites.
Regular Updates. Traffic Travis has been going steady for years now, and is always regularly updated. You can feel safe and assured that your purchase isn’t going to be abandoned any time soon. I’m a big fan of regular updates.
Lots Of Features. You really can do a heck of a lot of stuff with Traffic Travis. I know a lot of more advanced SEOs don’t really like it because it is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, and it also prioritizes simplicity over power.
Good Support. If you have any issues you need help with, then support is not hard to come by and is generally very good. There is also a ticket-based support system available with quick replies. Should you wish to air any concerns, the Traffic Travis team can be reached via phone, email, twitter, or the provided online contact form on their website. There is also a comprehensive knowledge base available in the Support section of their website where you can find detailed information regarding topics like Download & Installation, Project Configuration, Keyword & Domain Research, SEO Analysis, and many more.
Easy Refund If You Aren’t Happy. Because Traffic Travis is sold through Clickbank you are entitled to a no-questions-asked refund within 60 days of purchase. If you’re sitting on the fence, then this should give you some great peace of mind. Clickbank’s refund policy is absolutely watertight, so you have nothing to worry about.

Should you buy Traffic Travis?
As far as free SEO software goes, the standard version is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. It tracks ranks quite accurately, gives you a useful overall picture of the health of your website, and can help with performing competitive SEO and PPC analysis.
Considering it is free, what’s not to love? But what about the paid, professional version of the product? Is it worth a buy? You know what, I actually think it is. However, it is only worth buying once you’ve built up some experience with SEO, and if you genuinely have a need for the extra functionalities.
Start out by downloading the free version of Traffic Travis  here, and get to know how the software works and its functionality first. Once you’ve spent some time with the free version and have got used to it, you can make a call as to whether upgrading to the Pro version is worth it for you or not. Overall, I recommend it. Start with the free version – you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE – and then take your time to get used to the software and what it can do for you. From there you can make the call on whether it is worth upgrading to the professional version.

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